Arriba Abajo

Released: 2016
Produced by: Andrés Salguero, Raniero Palm and Luis Angel Bonilla

Best Children’s Album, 2016

“Full of life and the joy of learning… exquisitely written, produced and performed.”
WINNER Parents' Choice Gold Award

Notable Children’s Recording
American Library Association

Download lyrics:  Lyrics page  •  Early reader format

Download Learning Guides/ Guías Educativas Arriba Abajo 


123 Andrés is back with Arriba Abajo (“Up Down”), the much awaited follow-up to his Latin Grammy-nominated debut album. Andrés’ masterful songwriting is accompanied again by upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies that take listeners, young and old, around the Americas.

The warmth and authenticity of 123 Andrés’ delivery, makes Arriba Abajo a joy to sing and dance to. Samba, Cumbia, Joropo, Cha cha cha, and folk sounds are present in 21 original songs filled with themes of discovery and imagination for early learners. The songs, in English and Spanish, explore a world of objects that go “Arriba y Abajo,” up and down, like the musical scale, ten little birds, and a seed that sprouts when we plant it in the ground.

The album is accompanied by an online Learning Guide full of fun and interactive activities families and educators can use to build on the songs to extend the learning. Developed in conjunction with a master classroom teacher, the Learning Guide explores numbers, language acquisition, pre-reading, early science concepts, and more, with activities in both English and Spanish.

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