Designing the CD Booklet

When I started working on my first album, I knew I wanted to have great artwork in the booklet to go along with the music, so I called my good friend Carlos Manuel Díaz Consuegra!

Carlos lives in Bogotá, Colombia, and he is an illustrator. I love his drawings because they are fanciful and colorful, and have interesting little details. Carlos has worked on kids’ books before, and I knew he would be great for this kids’ CD.

One of Carlos’ first sketches. That’s me tocando la guitarra!

Sketch for Andrés by Carlos Manuel Díaz Consuegra
We started working in August, 2013. Since Carlos lives in Colombia, we communicated by email and teléfono. I told him about each song. Sometimes I gave him specific ideas, and for other songs I said “Sé creativo – be creative!” Then Carlos sent his rough sketches for Christina and me to look at and give feedback.

The first version of the illustration for ¡Salta, Salta!

First version of ¡Salta, Salta! illustration

The second version…

Second version of ¡Salta, Salta! illustration

Carlos was doing the illustrations, but we needed someone to do the layout – that means choose fonts, colors, and put all the text on the images so it’s ready for printing. That’s where Mónica Medina came in. She is an illustrator, too, but also does layout. 

When I recorded the songs, I sent Carlos and Mónica the audio files. We wanted the illustration for each song to match the mood of the song. Mónica said that when she and Carlos were working, they were listening to the songs to get inspired!

Mónica works on the layout for ¡Salta, Salta!

Mónica working on Salta layout

Mónica working on Salta layout

Christina and I checked the text to make sure that there were no spelling mistakes or other errors. Finally, in December, 2013, Christina and I traveled to Colombia and met with Carlos and Mónica. We looked at the images one last time, and then we were finished!

¡Muchas gracias, Carlos y Mónica!

Christina and I visited Carlos and Mónica in Bogotá

We love the artwork and we think it’s a great part of the album. What do you think? Which illustration is your favorite?